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Funhouse Redemption Ink is committed to fostering creativity and personal expression through the medium of body art. We strive to deliver the highest quality tattoo and piercing services in a sterile, welcoming environment. Our skilled artists bring a wealth of experience in diverse tattoo styles and are passionately dedicated to realizing our customers’ unique visions. Our purpose is to provide custom, state-of-the-art body modifications that celebrate the individuality and identity of each client, enhancing personal narratives through the art of tattooing.


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Redemption Ink

Redemption Ink stands as an unparalleled tattoo studio in San Diego, CA. We are an assembly of seasoned artists, well-versed in all genres and styles of tattoo artistry, delivering an exclusive approach that guarantees ultimate customer satisfaction.

Whether your preference leans towards Polynesian, Aztec, Japanese or traditional tattooing, we offer the finest quality body art in a meticulously sterile environment. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of artistic expressions including Illustrative & Realism, Polynesian tribal tattooing, Black & Gray, and Watercolor tattoos.

At Funhouse Tattoo, we pride ourselves on crafting custom tattoos that are meticulously designed to embody our clients’ visions. Our aim is to offer cutting-edge tattoos that empower personal expression and nurture the unique creativity of each client.

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At Funhouse Tattoo: Redemption Ink, our vision is to create a world where individuality and personal expression are celebrated through the art of tattooing. We strive to be the go-to tattoo studio providing unparalleled quality and craftsmanship, where our clients’ visions become reality. As an international beacon of diverse tattoo styles, we aim to foster cultural understanding and appreciation through art, transcending borders one tattoo at a time.


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The Guesthouse in San Diego is a member of our group that specializes in creating unforgettable tattoo experiences.

  • OG Funhouse Tattoo opens it’s doors

We embarked on our journey as Funhouse Tattoo in the vibrant locale of Pacific Beach, San Diego, in the year 1999. The doors of our establishment swung open to welcome the world of tattoo enthusiasts, eager to etch a story on their skin. Ever since that momentous day, we’ve been an integral part of countless personal narratives, with our artists translating thoughts and emotions into timeless pieces of body art. Our commitment to safety and hygiene has never wavered, with all artists being health department certified and licensed. Over the years, we’ve seen many trends come and go, but our dedication to quality and customer service has remained steadfast. This led us to be voted the best-rated tattoo shop time and again. Today, decades later, we still open our doors each day with the same passion and dedication, welcoming both appointments and walk-ins, ready to turn each new request into another masterpiece.

  • Redemption Ink is created, an expansion of funhouse tattoo

In 2017, Funhouse Tattoo expanded its creative domain beyond the realm of body art and ventured into the world of hospitality with the opening of Funhouse Guesthouse. This exciting extension of our beloved tattoo shop brought a new dimension to our artistic vision. Nestled in the heart of Pacific Beach, San Diego, Funhouse Guesthouse became a haven for travelers seeking a unique and immersive experience. With stunning artwork adorning the walls, each room became a canvas in its own right, telling stories through color and design. Our guests were not only treated to comfortable accommodations but also had the opportunity to connect with our talented tattoo artists, who would often share their insights and inspirations. The seamless fusion of art, hospitality, and community that Funhouse Guesthouse offered quickly gained recognition, becoming a sought-after destination for those seeking an unforgettable stay. Whether it was exploring the vibrant local scene or getting inspired by the creative energy permeating through the walls, Funhouse Guesthouse became a testament to our commitment to providing extraordinary experiences to all who crossed our threshold.


In 2018, the beauty and artistry of Pacific Beach, San Diego, expanded further with the opening of Embellish PB. This specialized establishment brought a new range of services to the community, focusing on microblading, cosmetic tattoos, tattoo removal, and piercing. With a team of skilled and experienced professionals, Embellish PB quickly became a go-to destination for those seeking to enhance their natural beauty or modify their existing tattoos. The art of microblading allowed clients to achieve perfectly shaped and defined eyebrows, while cosmetic tattoos provided the opportunity to enhance features such as lips or eyeliner. For those looking for a change or a fresh start, Embellish PB offered tattoo removal services to help erase unwanted ink. And for those seeking to adorn their bodies with new piercings, the talented piercers at Embellish PB were ready to create stunning and unique looks. With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to customer satisfaction, Embellish PB quickly earned a reputation for providing exceptional service in a safe and comfortable environment. As the newest addition to the artistic landscape of Pacific Beach, Embellish PB continued the legacy of creativity and self-expression that the community had come to know and love.


We take pride in showcasing the feedback from our valued customers

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Madison was awesome and did a UV tattoo on me
Pamela Sherman
Pamela Sherman
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Arty is the man! I absolutely love the lego tats he did for my Sis and me. Thanks bub.
Travis Hillman
Travis Hillman
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Getting a full sleeve done by Roger! The work he is doing is well beyond what I would have imagined. I always feel welcome as soon as I open the door and head inside. I cannot express how much I love my tattoo.
Aaron Spayd
Aaron Spayd
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Paulie is great at tattooing I would recommend highly from star wars tattoos
Alex Nejat
Alex Nejat
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My girlfriend and I got matching tattoos. Had a good time and experience. I thought it was over priced but I think its because of the area. Paid 280 for 2 tattoos. 15 minutes each. But in the end I just wanted the experience and memory since I was on vacation. If your not ok with spending alot I would go somewhere else. Overall we like our matching tats and that's all that matters
Kelly A French
Kelly A French
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My artist was Paulie and he was a fantastic artist and really helped me feel at ease getting my first piece done by him. Great place
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Brent did tattoos for me and my sister and they are amazing. We are so happy with how they turned out and Brent was awesome. Would definitely come back and get another one from him!!

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Choosing a tattoo design can be a deeply personal and meaningful experience. It’s important to think about what symbol or image resonates with you and holds significance in your life. Whether it’s a quote, a meaningful symbol, or a representation of a loved one, your tattoo should be a reflection of your unique story and identity.


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