Cover Up Tattoos

Ink Over Regrets

Cover up tattoos are a creative solution for individuals who wish to conceal or transform an existing tattoo. Whether it’s a regrettable design, outdated artwork, or a tattoo that no longer holds significance, cover up tattoos offer a fresh start. Skilled artists at Funhouse Guesthouse understand the importance of designing cover up tattoos that effectively hide and replace the original tattoo. Through careful consideration of placement, color choice, and innovative design techniques, they can seamlessly incorporate new elements into the existing tattoo, resulting in a beautiful and personalized piece of body art. With their expertise and attention to detail, Funhouse Guesthouse is dedicated to providing clients with cover up tattoos that exceed expectations and allow them to confidently embrace their new ink.

Chances are if you are on this page then it’s likely you have a bad tattoo you want covered up. Whether it was done by a friend wanting to practice on someone or you have an ex’s name you want gone, our team of experience cover up artists will make sure your new tat is artfully crafted to be something you love. Our artists that specialize in cover ups will work tattoo magic and turn that eye sore of a tattoo into something that captivates.

What is a Cover Up Tattoo?

A tattoo cover up is a design that is used to entirely mask or dramatically change a previously done, undesired tattoo. The best course of action for covering up a tattoo depends on a few different aspects of the unwanted tattoo:

  1. How old or faded is the original tattoo?
  2. How dark is the original tattoo and what colors are used?
  3. Are any parts of the tattoo salvageable?
  4. What is the tattoo style of the unwanted tattoo?

These are few questions to ask what options we have when considering a cover up tattoo. In most cases we hear that tattoos want to be covered up completely. Depending on the state of the unwanted tattoo and its feature can determine how the new design will be implemented onto the preexisting tattoo.

Most often we see that people want their tattoo to be covered entirely. In some cases when the tattoo is too dark, working around that and may not even be an option. Sometimes small parts of the old tattoo may still be visible.

How Does a Cover Up Tattoo Work?

A tattoo cover up is like an regular tattoo but since it is applied over another tattoo, the new ink goes slightly deeper into the dermis of the skin. The ink from the old tattoo and new will combine so its important to consider the new colors of the cover up carefully. In some cases they will need to be dark shades of colors like blue, green, purple, and black. Warmer colors like yellow or orange may not have the ability to mask the old, unwanted tattoo if there are very dark areas. The angle and shape of the new design will play a major role in how the old tattoo gets covered.  

Factors like these are all taken into account anything is applied to ensure that the new tattoo isn’t placed and shaped in the most desirable way. This is where your artists will work their magic in strategizing how the new cover will be applied.

Whether you have ideas for the cover up design or need some help figuring out what the heck to do to cover the regrettable design, your artist will consult on the best course of action for the new tattoo. Depending on the size of the old tattoo, a few sessions may be required to get the new tattoo where it needs to be.