Geometric & Mandalas

Artistic expression through geometry

Geometric and mandala tattoos are captivating forms of body art that showcase intricate patterns and symmetrical designs. Geometric tattoos often feature precise lines, shapes, and angles, creating a visually striking and structured aesthetic. These tattoos can incorporate various geometric elements such as cubes, triangles, and hexagons, resulting in a unique and modern look. On the other hand, mandala tattoos draw inspiration from ancient spiritual symbols and typically consist of intricate circular patterns with radial symmetry. These tattoos often symbolize harmony, balance, and unity. Both geometric and mandala tattoos offer individuals a way to express their creativity while embracing the beauty of symmetry and symbolism.

How are Geometric Tattoos Made?

Geometric Tattoos are perfectly symmetrical in their proportions and orientation. This require a high degree of finesse in choosing the right place and application of the design. Whether its with lines or dots or with both, the geometric tattoo as a whole is derived from the evenness of each shape. The thickness of the lines and use of negative space are essential to achieving the desired look of the geometric shape. Whether your looking for a bold shape or more fine-lined design, they are big determining factors for the 3D effects of the shape or the ability to be paired with other icons.

Geometric Tattoos in San Diego

Tattooing is an ancient art form that people have been doing around the globe for a very long time, but geometric tattoos are quickly becoming some of the most popular tattoos. These geometric tattoos most often have strong associations with sacred geometry, which has ties to religious and spiritual iconography. This striking tattoo style utilizes patterns and shapes to form intricate designs that sometimes include other symbols or depictions. If you are looking for a geometric tattoo then you have come to the right place.

What is a Geometric Tattoo?

A geometric tattoo is a particular style of tattoo that predominantly uses patterns and shapes made of lines and dots in specific proportions that create a overarching pattern for the entire design. There are a lot variations this can take since there are a large number of shapes that are used in geometric designs. But, geometric tattoos get most of their inspiration from sacred geometry and their spiritual and religious significance.

What is Sacred Geometry?

If you are interested in getting a geometric tattoo then its important that you are aware of what sacred geometry is and what underlying significance the patterns hold. Sacred geometry itself is a broad term that refers to geometric shapes and certain geometric proportions that ascribes holy or sacred meaning. These shapes have been a part of cultures from all over the world and have been studied and acknowledged throughout history.

What Do the Shapes in Geometric Tattoos Mean?

The use of geometric tattoo often include shapes like circles, triangles, and squares. There are used in specific dimensions to each other to form larger, more complex patterns.

Flower of Life:

This shape is one of the most popular geometric shapes in sacred geometry. It is composed of circles in six fold symmetry like a hexagon that are evenly spaced and overlapping. This particular shape symbolizes the fundamental forms of space and time. It is also known to represent the most basic information of all living things as the visual expression of connectivity that runs through all living beings.

Other various of this shape are known as the egg of Life, the seed of life, fruit of life, and tree of life that are used in the same six-fold hexagonal pattern but with different numbers of circles. All of these shapes have equally divine, fundamental significance according to sacred geometry.


Used in Hinduism and Buddhism, the mandala is a spiritual symbol that represents the universe. The word mandala has become more commonly used to refer to geometric shapes or patterns that metaphysically or symbolically represent that cosmos. Basic mandalas are depicted as a square with four gates containing a circle as the center point. They are often depict radial balance and can utilize other shapes like triangles, stars, and flower shapes as well. They were used to aid in meditation and trance induction. It has also been known to symbolize wholeness and the organizational structure for life itself.

Golden Spiral:

The golden spiral is based on the mathematical principle of the golden ratio. Without getting to crazy into the detail of it, the golden spiral is a spiral that gets wider as as specific proportions every quarter of the distance from its origin. This geometric property is found throughout nature and is a prominent depiction in sacred geometry, hence a prominent depiction in geometric tattoos. From flowers to galaxies, the golden spiral is central to geometric designs and are often used in equal angles at opposing directions to create a coalescing pattern. This shape is believed to be the sacred foundation of all things and the interconnectedness of all the various parts of the whole.